Video Demonstration

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Process of Freon Compression: The compressor compresses cool Freon gas causing it to become hot, high-pressure gas (red). This hot gas runs through a set of coils so it can dissipate it’s heat, and it condenses into a liquid in the process. The Freon liquid runs through an expansion valve, and in the process it evaporates to become a cold, low-pressure gas (blue). The cold gas runs through a set of coils that allows the gas to absorb heat and cool down the air inside the building.

Mixed in with Freon is a small amount of lightweight oil. This oil lubricates the compressor.This oil, after a period of time begins to accumulate inside these coils (blue and red) and begins to restrict heat transfer. AircoFridge Optimizer mixes with the existing oil, removes this build up and helps the system repair it’s loss of efficiency